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What material is formica hpl laminate made of

Date: 24/11/2021

formica hpl laminate is an emerging decoration material in recent years, mainly used in a variety of public entertainment, medical, office or residential home and other interior decoration, many people are familiar with this board, but how much do you know about this formica hpl laminate, do you know what formica hpl laminate is made of?

formica hpl laminate

formica hpl laminate is a kind of decoration material, and the traditional wood board is different, formica hpl laminate is man-made paint-free board, the material of the board is mainly composed of kraft paper. Although kraft paper is the main component of fireproof board, formica hpl laminate is a special manufacturing process, so the board has very good characteristics.

The manufacturing process of formica hpl laminate is made by impregnating phenolic resin glue with the main component material, multi-layer kraft paper, and a decorative color paper on the surface of the board, and then making it under high pressure in a high temperature environment. Because of the impregnation, high pressure and other processes, so the density of the board is very high, hardness is also very strong, the board is not easy to absorb water moisture, with the characteristics of moisture and water resistance. At the same time, the plates are not easy to daughter-in-law back to the city, easy to clean, after the installation of only easy maintenance, you can maintain the effect of a long-lasting new.

In addition, formica hpl laminate has a wear-resistant layer added to the surface, so the board is very scratch-resistant and does not easily deteriorate due to wear and tear, making it a durable decoration material.

hpl compact laminate

In the manufacturing process of formica hpl laminate, high quality formica hpl laminate will use phenolic resin glue to impregnate the kraft paper, using this resin glue manufactured formica hpl laminate, can achieve a good environmental protection grade, its environmental performance is high, will not cause serious harm to human health.

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