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What is the difference between hpl compact laminate and ecological board?

Date: 22/11/2021

Want to set the cabinet, do not know how to choose the plate this should be a lot of people's doubts it! Today Hua Jiale will take you a good analysis of custom cabinets choose ecological board and hpl compact laminate what is the difference?

hpl compact laminate

Particle board consists of particle board (particle board) and melamine submerged paper, the price is economical, so the fire performance is general. However, particle board has a smaller deformation factor and is good for environmental protection. The best feature of particle board is probably that it is more affordable and better processed, so it is a good choice from the economic point of view. It is definitely considered the preferred option if you plan to rent it out after renovation.

hpl sheet manufacturer

Ecological board is also a common custom furniture making board, but its fire resistance and hpl compact laminate comparison is poor, and the general quality of solid wood is similar. Ecological board is made of melamine impregnated paper veneer, the core board is located in the middle of the part, belongs to the flammable board, but has a very good moisture resistance. As for the price, it should be determined by the brand, and the whole consumer market.

hpl compact laminate is a very popular custom panels in recent years, not only has a very good fire performance, but also good to improve the safety of the kitchen, the key is the color, texture is also a variety of custom furniture, which is the unique advantage of a wide range of choices. The use of table paper, kraft paper and color paper impregnated with melamine resin composition made of certain fire performance. hpl compact laminate is very suitable for use as a fire cabinet, so consider hpl compact laminate when customizing cabinets. the disadvantage is that people with limited budgets are not recommended to choose.
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