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Formica hpl laminate in real-life applications

Date: 21/12/2021

formica hpl laminate has excellent stability, durability, water resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and is easy to clean and maintain. As a result, formica hpl laminate has a wide range of applications.

formica hpl laminate

formica hpl laminate can be roughly divided into the following 3 types:

1. Indoor

Since formica hpl laminate is anti-abrasive, fire resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-static, it is widely used for counters and interior walls in banks and airports, washrooms and sanitary compartments in public places, windproof walls and benches on station platforms... School tables and chairs, cafeteria tables and cupboard hangers.

2. Outdoor

formica hpl laminate is available in three series: monochrome, natural color and gold, with bright color, beautiful, and model, mainly used in public facilities, other external walls and balconies and various facilities in and out of the place.

3. Laboratory

Due to its excellent resistance, formica hpl laminate is suitable for facilities such as physics laboratories, chemistry laboratories, biochemistry laboratories and clinical laboratories, research institutions and communication room workstations.

hpl manufacturer

In addition to the main uses mentioned above, formica hpl laminate is highly functional and creative and can be used in many other areas and facilities, leading to an infinite wealth of ideas.

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