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Quality Analysis of HPL Compact laminate

Date: 14/12/2021

HPL compact laminate quality problem is the resin, glue, press each working procedure quality problem synthesis reflection. HPL Compact Laminate is the last key process, but the quality of the semi-finished products produced in the previous process will have a direct impact on the quality of compact laminate. Therefore, the hpl compact laminate quality problems must carry on the concrete comprehensive analysis, can find the exact reason, promptly takes the effective measure to solve, enhances the HPL compact laminate quality.

HPL Compact laminate

(1)Surface pockmarks, which tend to occur in the thin sheet, mainly adhesive paper cloth, especially the small content of resin, soluble resin content is low, poor resin fluidity. Secondly, when the pressure is uneven, individual cases are due to the preheating time being too long, the pressure is low. Therefore, when preparing thin sheet materials, special attention should be paid to the soluble resin content of the adhesive paper cloth can not be on the low side, and good surface materials should be used. It is best to press the thin sheet with the thick sheet to increase the elasticity of the blank, to cause it to be heated and pressed evenly. As a result of product specifications, only thin plate task, then pad paper will be thickened and often replaced, preheating time can not be too long, pressure to keep up. In addition, the hot plate temperature should not be too high in the glue.

(2)The surface is uneven and corrugated, this phenomenon often occurs in the resin content is big, the solubility is small in the glue board because the resin fluidity is small, glue on the phenomenon of uneven glue content is easy to hpl compact laminate surface reflection appears uneven and there is a phenomenon. Therefore, we should pay attention to uniform glue when gluing, pay attention to 180 ° when preparing materials, make up for the uneven glue when gluing, so that the surface condition can be improved.

(3)HPL compact laminate cracking mainly occurs on thick paper and cloth board and cracking occurs in hpl compact laminate over 5mm in severe cases. Epoxy phenolic glass cloth plate is not easy to crack, this is the glue adhesion is a strong reason. Hpl compact lamination cracking has a lot to do with the resin adhesion, when the aging material is included in HPL Compact lamination, HPL Compact lamination will crack, so it is necessary to select the aging material for the adhesive paper cloth, it Can’t be mixed into the blank. In addition, adhesive paper cloth glue content is too small and uneven, pressure is too low or too slow, also easy to cause cracking.

hpl compact laminate

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