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Is hpl compact laminate really fireproof?

Date: 10/12/2021

Nowadays, people are demanding more and more interior panels, and hpl compact laminate, a new man-made panel on the market, is gradually becoming a popular choice for interior panels. So, what is hpl compact laminate like?

hpl compact laminate

When many people hear hpl compact laminate, their first thought is, is this material fireproof? In fact, the scientific name of hpl compact laminate is called veneer fire resistant board, because compared with traditional wood board, this board has extremely good fire retardant performance.

So, hpl compact laminate is not really not afraid of fire, its fire performance is that when the fireproof board material in the open fire baking, in a certain period of time can play the role of fire retardant fire resistance, until the board is burned to carbonization will lose the flame retardant function. The non-combustible fireproof board material can effectively slow down the speed of fire spread, and improve the escape rate to a certain extent in the scene of the fire.

hpl manufacturer

Therefore, the flame retardant properties of hpl compact laminate are indeed a major advantage over traditional wood panels that are flammable or even combustible. At the same time, the fire resistance of hpl compact laminate has a testing standard. There are many fireproof board manufacturers in the market, and the quality of fireproof board varies. The high quality fireproof board produced by conscientious manufacturers who pay attention to quality can achieve a high fire-retardant fire rating. In addition, there are many poor quality hpl compact laminate, sometimes from the appearance of the other fireproof board is no different, but its board production in order to save costs, in the production will use cheap and poor quality raw materials for manufacturing, so the production of hpl compact laminate, its fire performance is often not guaranteed. This requires consumers to purchase hpl compact laminate to polish their eyes in order to buy satisfactory hpl compact laminate.
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