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What is formica hpl laminate? Why does it crack?

Date: 17/11/2021
formica hpl laminate is a new type of floor decorative material, is more commonly used a kind of anti-static floor, but the floor quality is good only the basis, there is a good base, meet the requirements of the construction environment and professional construction team is also important, then why is still cracked?

formica hpl laminate

formica hpl laminate laid on a flat floor, to determine the laying of good is a prerequisite, followed by the ambient temperature is maintained at about 20-38 ℃, relative humidity greater than 75%, if this situation appears surface deformation fracture situation will need to check the ground part of the foundation, the construction of the temperature and humidity is up to standard, the construction process and some details of whether there are problems, to rule out one by one, the floor fracture cause is nothing more than temperature, humidity, environmental problems or floor quality is not up to standard.

formica hpl laminate market demand is also larger, if the fracture situation, first consider the environmental problems and then one by one to investigate.

formica hpl laminate is made of high quality thickened shavings pole core substrate or MDF substrate, surface paste HPL fireproof board veneer, paste conductive tape around, the ground is made of galvanized steel or embossed aluminum foil, with crossbeam bracket screws, bracket can be adjusted to any height, general specifications: 600 * 600 * 32mm, finished surface height is generally 70-1500mm If there are special requirements, it should be customized. Performance advantages.

 1. effective anti-static, fire, flame retardant, anti-slip, sound insulation, anti-fouling.

2. Strong abrasion resistance, no blistering and no degumming, supported by brackets all around, strong bearing capacity.

3. Good decoration, beautiful appearance.

4. Easy to install, movable overhead, easy to wire and replace.

formica hpl laminate is generally used in 5A intelligent buildings, all kinds of equipment rooms and overhead requirements, network cabling with anti-static requirements of the place, for the old office building comprehensive wiring and ground transformation is also more suitable.

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