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Advantages and disadvantages of solid compact laminate

Date: 28/09/2021

At present, the home market used in the plate is really too many to count, and solid compact laminate as the most popular home market in the home of a home material, many people in the home decoration time are deliberately choose this plate, which also let many people doubt solid wood multi-layer composite board in the end how good, so today Hua Jiale is to tell you solid compact laminate in the end what are the advantages and disadvantages, so that so many people in the decoration of the home so favorite.

solid compact laminate

A, solid compact laminate advantages

1. solid compact laminate can make a variety of styles that people like now, personalized style, style, etc., in this point, the original wood is completely unable to reach, so people like.

2. solid compact laminate price is also very popular, although not very cheap, but also not particularly expensive, the price is completely within the range of people can afford.

3. solid compact laminate will not be affected by the weather or other influences that cause cracking, deformation and other situations, and solid wood multi-layer composite board stability is very good.

Second, solid compact laminate disadvantages

1.solid compact laminate disadvantage is in the environmental protection, although it can also meet the national environmental protection standards, but it is still the use of a large number of glue glued into the wood panels, so its environmental protection is not as good as the original wood, but also not bad.

2. solid compact laminate although you can customize some personalized style and style, but for the product process requirements are very high, and the structure of these are also very complex, so choose to customize solid compact laminate consumers in the decoration of the choice of this type of brand must look at the manufacturer's production process.

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