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How to buy high pressure laminate cabinets, what are its advantages and disadvantages

Date: 29/06/2021
How to buy high pressure laminate cabinets?

1. Longevity

High quality high pressure laminate cabinets are extensively manufactured and designed to be scratch and stain resistant, and less likely to warp than other surfacing materials such as hardwood and tile. These qualities ensure that high pressure laminate cabinets are not easily damaged, making them extremely durable and having a longer service life.

2. Variety

When looking for a surface material for high pressure laminate cabinets, the options are endless. Whether you are looking for specific textures, colors, sizes, or available options, choose from categories such as solids, wood grains, abstracts, and textiles.

3. Maintenance

high pressure laminate cabinets have a protective wear layer that actually keeps most dirt and debris away from their surfaces, making sanitizing and cleaning easy. The laminate is scratch resistant, requiring no regular maintenance and less maintenance than other surface materials.

4. Cost

High pressure laminate cabinets typically cost less than solid hardwood and tile, and are more durable than most surfacing materials. Many factors affect the overall cost of laminate, including texture, composition, manufacturing methods and installation. You must consider not only the retail price, but also its application and value.

high pressure laminate cabinets

Advantages of high pressure laminate cabinets.

Style: high pressure laminate cabinets have a surface that accurately mimics the surface texture of other materials, such as granite, slate and wood, with realistic results.

Care: Very easy to care for, using a neutral detergent.

Sealing: Not required.

High pressure laminate cabinets are even resistant to scratches and chemicals, and the hard, smooth surface is easy to keep clean.

Flexibility: It is the only countertop material that can be DIY cut.

high pressure laminate cabinets manufacturer

Disadvantages of high pressure laminate cabinets.

The substrate of high pressure laminate cabinets is density board, the surface is fireproof material and decorative veneer, need to use fireproof board veneer, PVC veneer, metal strip sealing to cover the section wood substrate, in the corner countertop splicing joints, the lack of effective means of treatment, usually using silicone bonding, plastic and special metal embedded to increase the aesthetic. In addition, high pressure laminate cabinets and natural stone as there is a length limit, the section part of the joint is very difficult, whether with silicone adhesion or metal strip inlay, can not achieve the overall perfect seamless splicing. These gaps are naturally a "breeding ground" for bacteria and dirt.

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